8 Recipes Perfect for Spring

May 14, 2021 0 Comments

When spring arrives, it is time to shake up your meal routine a little. With a new season comes the return of fresh produce, earthy herbs, and overall, more colorful and healthy foods. To help kick off the beginning of spring, we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite spring recipes.

Check out the following recipes perfect for the spring season:

  1. Strawberry Bruschetta – Have you ever had strawberry bruschetta? It is a type of bruschetta that is made with strawberries, a breadstick, usually Parmesan cheese, and a bit of olive oil. It is a delicious summer dish that is perfect for picnics, dinner parties, and more. It is a tasty start to any meal!
  2. French Onion Soup Gratinee – this is one of the most comforting foods to eat at this time of year. Gratinee is a very old type of French onion soup, and it is made by collecting the onion pieces into layers, cooking them slowly in a pot, and adding other ingredients to the pot to create a flavorful soup dish. The layers of onions cook down in the soup and turn out to be a lovely soup that is also easy to make. This delicious soup is perfect for a dinner party or celebratory meal, but if you are looking for a quick and easy soup recipe to create at home, you may be surprised that there are a few secrets to keep in mind. This recipe for French Onion Soup Gratinee combines the use of a Crock-Pot and a few key ingredients to make a healthy and hearty soup that will make you feel warm and will stay fresh in the fridge for days.
  3. Fruit-Flavored Water – You love water. You hate fruit. What’s a girl to do? Now, there’s a solution: fruit-flavored water. Just blend together some fresh fruit, some water, and a little bit of fruit-flavored stevia. The result is a refreshing drink that’s sweetened with fruit but without the fruit.
  4. Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa – one of our favorite meals as the weather starts to warm up. The flavors are so delicious when paired with a refreshing mango salsa, which makes this the perfect dish for spring. If you can’t find mango salsa, you can make your own. Simply combine mango chunks, pickled jalapenos, and fresh cilantro in your food processor and blend until smooth.
  5. Pasta Primavera – You’ve seen the pasta salad recipes, but have you tried the pasta recipe? It is so easy to make, and it tastes delicious! Using fresh vegetables and herbs and the best fresh pasta, as well as a few staples, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano and olive oil, you can come up with this perfect Pasta Primavera. This dish isn’t difficult to make, but it’s still packed with flavor. Simply toss together your favorite pasta and vegetables, and add a simple sauce made from eggs, cream, and cheese.
  6. Chicken, Avocado, and Mango Salad – This recipe is a healthy, refreshing salad that’s perfect for spring, and the ingredients are simple and easy to find. This healthy salad is not only delicious but full of nutrients that you and your body will love. This salad is one of our favorites, and it’s so easy to make. Chopped-up chicken breast is marinated in a honey and soy sauce mixture and then cooked in a hot skillet. In a large bowl, toss the chicken with some diced avocado and mango. Don’t forget to arrange it together with spring lettuce plus dressing, and your salad is ready!
  7. Oven-Roasted Asparagus – is a delicious way to eat fresh Asparagus at any time of year, but it’s especially good this time of year. This is the perfect recipe for when you want a dish that tastes like you actually went out and bought a few asparagus spears for dinner, but you’re too lazy actually to go to the store. This recipe is so easy that you won’t even need to buy a lemon or olive oil. It takes just about 30 minutes, and when it’s done, your entire house will smell like Asparagus.
  8. Lemon chiffon pie – This Lemon Chiffon pie is a delicious and refreshing dessert that is perfect for any spring or summer day. It is a simple recipe to make and takes less than an hour to prep. However, the best thing about this pie is that it tastes as if it is made with a traditional lemon meringue pie–you can’t even tell the difference once it is served. The best part is that the pie is so easy to make and requires only a few ingredients!

Have a complete spring meal by preparing the above recipes. Enjoy!


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