About Artezian

Hello and welcome to Artezian, a blog for everyone to enjoy whether it is content about cooking, parenting, or general stress relief, I’ve got you covered!

The Artezian blog was created in 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic where I (Mia Anderson) could no longer go to work and cook in my restaurant anymore and thought wait a second why don’t I start a blog! It was an overnight thing and by the next morning I was sitting up to my laptop typing about wonderful recipes other people need to try and how to deal with your mental health, especially within the pandemic.

I hope for the blog to continue to thrive long after the pandemic as it has now become a separate passion for me to share things with my friends and family as well as other people who are interested in learning something new or are just wanting a little piece of advice.

As a chef with 15 years of experience in a professional kitchen, it is clear to say that I live and breathe cooking. I’m either making delicious lunches and dinners at home or in the kitchen at work, so I am constantly trying to think of brand new recipes and ideas to make my food more interesting and exciting. I am hoping that this blog will be a way for me to flow out my cooking ideas and give them to all of you guys.

Also, as a parent it can be difficult to manage to look after kids, working, and organizing the house. So this blog should also give you some more clarity on this and offer some key tips that will help you to stay on your feet at all times!

So if this sounds like the blog for you then check out some of my posts and let me know what you think!