Get To Know Mia!

Hey there! I’m Mia Anderson and here is a page where you can get to know a little more about me. 

Firstly, I am ahead professional chef at a well-known restaurant in my town and I absolutely love my job. However, don’t worry I am nothing like Gordon Ramsay! 

Secondly, I am a mother of four beautiful kids; Anna, Teddy, Juliette, and Carrie, and they are all an array of different ages between three and fifteen, so I am hoping to give you a lot of great parenting tips and tricks that I have learned along the way and maybe you could give me some tips too!

I love being a mom and a to that extent a working mom because it gives me that confidence and strive that gets me through the day. Plus I think it shows my girls and son that being independent and paving your own way in the world is important and will make you a much better person in the long run. 

As well as my job and being a mom I also love to do things like yoga, going shopping, and doodling in my bullet journal. Although, I am always open to new hobbies and exciting opportunities, so I look forward to hearing from the people who are reading my blog!